Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chapter Twenty-One: "Look, it's Daegu"

This weekend Layna, an 03' Smithie, came to visit me from Seoul and go on some Daegu adventures. That coupled with Halloween made this by far my best weekend in Korea.
She arrived on Saturday morning and we headed up to Apsan by bus. We got off at a random place at the side of the mountain so I got to see another path before it led to the one I had taken up last time.

Pretty! During the whole climb we kept joking that Korea was trying to have fall even though it was nearly 70 degrees and the first of November and not many leaves had changed.


When we made it to the top, we ate our kimbap from the kimbap ajima downstairs. Then I surprised Layna with some mini apple pies I had made! I was so proud of my stovetop baking of pies! (And my ability to cook without a recipe!) It was the perfect fall snack.

Arr, climbed a mountain again!

At the top, it felt like summer but finally looked like fall.

Cute little pinecones.


It makes me miss fall in Massachusetts so much. Korea cannot compare, even on the mountains. But it's an adventure!

Huge rock, must be climbed!

So I did!

So did Layna!

Our shadows in the bright sun really look like summer.

"Look, it's Daegu!"

Ice cream pops at the top of the world again.

Beautifully creepy bit of the path.

Layna, before we headed back to the cable car and to the bottom of the mountain. Then we got some coffee and rotibun in metromall. Finally, we headed off to Woobang Towerland--but that's for another post.

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