Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Six: Jung Gu at Dusk

Bits taken from an e-mail written on the roof last night:
I'm writing this on text edit because there is no internet on my roof. I was feeling particularly inspired. I forget how much I love it up here until I decide to hike up. I have to climb to the top floor (which is the fourth but claims to be the fifth because four is an unlucky number) and then climb a ladder up to the very top. The ladder makes me feel like I'm climbing out of a swimming pool; it's that kind of ladder. Some time ago, Nicole and Dini moved a small table and a broken chair up here. It's an old office chair without legs so it is perfect for relaxing in. From here, I can see the major towers of Jung-Gu, my neighborhood.

When I first got here, I spent a lot of time on the roof memorizing relative locations so that I could triangulate my way home. It's served me well so far. On the right is Centro Palace--ritzy apartment buildings.

Straight ahead is Debec Plaza- a fancy department store where I buy my chicken.

The highway and river are to my left.

Way off in the distance, you can even see Woobang Tower.

Nothing at first glance is particularly Korean. When you look down from the roof, though, you see all the short little Asian houses and roofs covered in ceramic jars for fermenting and steaming.

Directly behind me is a big church.

Feeling introspective while sitting in the office chair with my computer in my lap.

Climbing down. Going home.

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