Monday, November 3, 2008

Chapter Twenty: Halloween with the adults

Welcome to Halloween with the adults! We went out to a brewery that is popular with Westerners and Koreans alike. There were actually a lot of people dressed in costumes and it was great. The best part was the Filipino band dressed as the X-Men doing a lot of 80's and 90's American pop music. You just can't make this stuff up. And again, video! Again, very loud. It'll take a few seconds to figure out what's going on, but once you do, it's amazing.

A friend of Dini's dressed as Samuel L. Jackson, ala Pulp Fiction.

Mario and the pirate outside of school.

As a team, we are totally freakin' badass. Or... baaaahdass. I really wanted to call this "One Baaaahdass Mutha-fuckin' Halloween."

Time for dancin'!

Guns blazin'.

The fake 'stashes were passed around quite a bit. Clearly, I had to wear one and look thoughtful.
Nicole and Dini, planning their next bank job.
Mario... after a few too many. (But not really, just playing with the stashes)
Everyone really wanted to take pictures with Arthur. I mean, at least twenty people asked him to take pictures. I loooove this little Korean kid doing a Mario pose.

And Nicole is such a kindergarten teacher that, of course, she finds little kids to dance with instead of adults. I followed suit quickly.

These photos all come from Nicole who has a much better way with a digital camera:
The whole gang at our table. We were one of the largest groups of people together in costume!
More stash.

According to Nicole, Mario is jumping to punch an invisible block. I agree.
Arthur and I have the moves. The thing about these photos is that I don't think I even realized we were dancing like that. And we didn't stop for a pose, Nicole is just that good.
Doin' the shopping cart?

I am so sad that I was at the bathroom and missed this moment.

We're so bad... or maybe just tired.

Wait no, we are bad.

Baaaaahd. (No Mom, I didn't take up smoking, it was just necessary for the photo).

Lining up for the costume contest. The whole place was cheering for Mario, but they awarded prizes to people with simple witch hats. Laaaaaame.

This was definitely the best Halloween in Korea I could have asked for.

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