Monday, November 3, 2008

Chapter Nineteen: Halloween with the Kids

Obviously, Friday was Halloween so I am required to post a ton of photos of Korean children dressed as Power Rangers and Disney Princesses. What you didn't expect was that I would have VIDEO! That's right, I have video of them singing trick or treat to me through a door.
(You might want to turn down your volume first, they are kindergarteners and preschoolers)

But for more pictures:
San-Hyeon is some sort of Asian character. I don't know what kind, but it's awesome.

Power Ranger, Power Ranger, Power Ranger, Power Ranger, Princess! (a game much like Duck Duck Goose)
It's cute to make little kids look like they are kissing each other.
Arthur as Mario being mobbed by Mars.

Nicole, female cowboy, and Chris, pirate, with Pluto.

Anna was a belly-dancer. We spent a lot of time trying to get other kids to stop pointing out "Anna has belly button!"

Fred the astronaut! How awesome is that? His little backpack was inflatable and he even has a Korean flag to plant on the moon!

No really, time for a Halloween version of Duck Duck Goose, that I made up on the spot, called "Ghost Ghost Pumpkin." They actually understood. They are getting really good at it. Fita, however, will stop at every third person and have a laughing fit. It's adorable beyond words.

Go Fita!
Ariel's turn.

She tagged Jenny.

Meanwhile Arthur was playing a game called "candy kiss" in the hallway. My first response was "that is a grown-up game!" (as was another friend's) but they had fun and they're too young to know any different.

This is the sweetest picture of Anna and Jully.

Tommy, the growth-spurt-dragon, tries to pass to Ashley, the princess, while Sally, the princess, waits patiently.

Arrr! I'll pass you your candy!

Checking for cavities.

"Spiderman Harry and Spiderman Liam, do a Spiderman pose for me!"

Arthur made this book and story for the puppet show which included the puppet he also made. He's pretty much the best co-worker ever. Such constant enthusiasm.

"There's a monster behind me? Where? I don't see it!"

"Oh you guys are so silly, there's no monster."

We have candy!

This is where I keep my candy, go sheep pouch!

Spidermen again!

This is kind of an explanation of my daily life. I pick up kids and fly around while other kids grab my legs.

Liam in my lap!

Aaaand Fita.

Jay shooting me and looking amused while someone else looks totally horrified.

Mars decorated all these little bats, ghosts, and pumpkins. I made the house, tree, and cut out all the shapes. You cannot imagine how much prep time this took. I think it was probably close to 6 hours.

Yeah, Sally and I look great here.

Rocco is a night and pretty darn serious about it.

Woody, I mean the ORIGINAL red Power Ranger, reading while he waits for his appa. I love the fact that he had the original Power Ranger costume. (I know, gratuitous Woody photos!)

Fita! This is pretty much the cutest photo ever taken.

"Oh great, pictures of me shooting the children, that's what we need."

I love seeing them with their backpacks and coats over their costumes.

Kevin, clearly the best pirate ever, honestly thought he was dressed as a prince. Oh no!
Just bein' cute.

Ariel as Alice in Wonderland!

Mike is a...wizard?

Mario trying to defeat the a bad guy while walking sideways; he's about to jump on her.

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  1. Okay, now this is my favorite post. Did you know I used to have an original red ranger costume too?

    I am surprised that none of the Ariel's were actually Ariel though.