Friday, January 2, 2009

Chapter Forty: Bizarre Korea

In this installment, I bring you some of the strangest things I saw in Korea--which is saying a lot since I think I posted some pretty bizarre things in all of my other posts. Here is the chicken on a leash who lived in my neighborhood.

She's a very disapproving chicken.

In my subway stop we had a book vending machine. How cool is that? It's hard to get good pictures in the subway, but you can vaguely see all it's book-vending glory.

I'm pretty sure there was one in there by Hillary Clinton. <3
I don't remember if I posted this before or not but this sign warns about the drunken and the pregnant women who are not allowed to take on.

Korea <3's Spam. A lot. I've seen gift packs of spam before, all wrapped up with Spam ribbons.

Cartoon white woman grabbing her own breasts in the Seoul subway.

This is my favorite thing ever! Bathroom stalls with little-baby-toilets!

If you try to swim in the Sincheon, you will be sucked down a whirlpool like something out of a really excellent 80's video game.

And this car with Maryland license plates sits on the road near my apartment. It's outside of a wedding studio, so I assume it is for taking wedding pictures in though I've never seen them doing so. But how did it get there?