Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Three: Woobang Towerland!

More pictures from the epic adventure that was last weekend. After we climbed Apsan on Saturday, Layna and I went off to Woobang Towerland. We got there a few hours before the park closed so it was a little strange, but very pretty. Unfortunately, we paid for the wrong kind of pass so we had to spend a ridiculous amount on tickets to rides once we figured out that we needed them (that was long and awkward!).
The tower in the back.

The tower as seen from the viking ride.

The "oh man, we totally just snuck onto this roller coaster!" face. The lady did not feel like explaining the ticket situation to us so she just let us on. We didn't continue to take advantage, though. This was the kiddie-coaster with very few adults. However, it was no picnic.
View from the coaster. As we climbed up slowly, I realized that this was probably not your typical kiddie-coaster. We were getting awfully high...
And holy crap, there was a long way to go! I have not screamed like that on a roller coaster in a long time. I'm really glad we didn't go on the real roller coaster. I managed to not get motion sick--which is very rare.

Dream Love Festival anyone?

Layna portrays "Romantic Fantasy"

That is the coaster we did not go on, for obvious reasons.

Pretty waterfall place.

That's right, this is where you go for the sky toilet. We never figured out why it was better than a regular toilet.

On our second cable-car ride of the day. Korea loves cable-cars as much as I do!
Hot air balloons!

And time for a carousel, which made me pretty homesick for Greenport.

Couple-wear! Couple wear is a huge thing in Korea. Usually it's just sweatshirts, but sometimes it's matching sweatshirts, pants, and shoes. It's intense. And you thought NoHo lesbians had problems with symbiosis!

Warning signs about the drunken.

Bumper cars! This was one of the most excellent bumper car rides of my life. It lasted solid minutes, like, more than one!

Woobang Towerland and Daegu in the background.

Pretty lantern tree.

The exit and a very tired family heading home.

Goodbye Woobang Towerland!

Helloooo waffles! Sunday morning we checked out the waffle place in the center of downtown and it was amazing. Lookit that waffle! Nom, nom, nom.

I finally got someone to go inside the pelican downtown. There's even an instructional guide telling you that you should take a picture in it.

Someday, I'll scan in our pictures from ridiculous Asian photo booths, but that's all for now.

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  1. Aww I would have gotten in the bird! ^_^