Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Last Day of Elementary

Tuesday was also my last day teaching the elementary after-school program. Here, they are working on the review sheets for their December exam. There's a lot of table-cam coming, beware!
Above, either Jeff or Chris, I'm not really sure which after my boss switched them between classes, works hard while behind him Rain takes a break.

Jenny and Ben

Rain is kind of hilarious. He's not a particularly good or committed student, but we all love him for some reason.

Sean and Alissa. We think that they will one day get married. They're pretty amazing students and kind of hilarious. Usually, Alissa's creative writing assignments involve her kicking the ass of a vampire.

Roy, Jeff-or-Chris, and Ivy

This is Earth class. They tested my patience like no other class ever but I will still miss them. It was not as hard to say goodbye to elementary as to leave kindergarten but I do adore the kids!


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