Friday, December 12, 2008

Chapter Thirty-Five: Rehearsal

Tomorrow is the end of the year performance, so expect a ton of photos and videos from that. Here are a few days of rehearsal. Above, Mars and Pluto dance to "Winter Wonderland."

Same group, again, on Tuesday.

"In the lane, snow is glistening..."

I just love this shirt, that's the only reason for this photo.

I know, I have posted a ridiculous amount about "Super Troupers" but it is my favorite performance and the dance is so freakin' cute. They start off in their rockstar poses.

In this video, you can see their excellent new "Super Trouper" head wear. Watch the kid with his in the style of a pirate stash. Rocco reminds me of Napoleon dynamite. He is completely off beat, has no idea what is going on, but is still trying his best. It's kind of how he goes through life.

Meanwhile, Uranus is waiting for their turn. Abba is contagious. They need to see what is going on.

In this video, there are a lot of technical difficulties. They try to roll with it, but they make the cutest confused faces when things don't go as they expected. "Ehhhh?"

See, it's irresistible. You gotta' dance to Abba.

Then all of the graduating kindergarteners will get their diplomas. The practiced walking and bowing, which was apparently hilarious.

I love Lynn's face here.

I have no idea what is so funny because they are speaking mostly in Korean.

Bowing, bowing, bowing.

Dustin just bowed every direction, to ensure he had covered all of his bases. It's what I would have done too.

And then everyone got together to sing our "Little Genius" school song.

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