Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chapter Thirty-Eight: December Birthday Party

Another birthday party happened last Tuesday. All the basic elements are the same, but I focused a lot on getting shots of the other kids just being cute. In this one, we are waiting for birthday pictures to be taken, so Sarah was asked to sing. It was so sweet and cute.

Then we had Ryan, Jupiter's class clown, sing just to give him something to do so he would stop causing trouble. It kind of worked?
While we were waiting. I showed this to a friend who asked, "What are they doing?" "Sitting nicely," I responded. Teaching preschool/kindergarten is living in a world of barely-controlled chaos. And I love it.

Birthday line, Liam and Fita at the front are so much bigger than when I first got here!

Apparently the entire school singing "Happy Birthday" is just a little too loud for them.

Emily, Angel, and Amy of Jupiter really wanted to get my slippers off.
They tried really hard. I eventually had to move away to stop distracting them with my slippers.

Stephen has been practicing his candle-blow-out technique. You can see him second from the left.

Cindy, being a ham.

She may love smiling for me, but she is not going to smile for Peter. No, Peter, she is not amused.

But she does seem to be able to put up with Alex.

Everyone wants hugs from Cindy!

"Smile, Lucy!"

"Now make a silly face!" A+, Lucy.

So, these next few pictures got Mars in trouble with Jessie, their Korean teacher for being silly while they were supposed to be eating. She showed them my camera and lectured them. Sorry guys!

Fita, a birthday girl, is probably supposed to have that crown on top of her head and I don't think she needs that much tissue.

And apparently Lucy should keep one hand on her spoon. Who can stop them when they're being so cute?

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