Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Week in Kolín

Welcome to Kolín's town square, where I get my internets at the moment.
This little pink villa is my wonderful school!

So my first week, as expected, has been full of ups and downs. I am moving into an apartment tomorrow and thus out of the small room in the school where I am currently staying. I'm worried about money and making friends, as usual. I can't wait for school to actually start on Monday so that I can get into a regular schedule and start to settle in. I am having the what-am-I-doing-here jitters and mourning the fact that I could not get a job in Philly or Noho. But hopefully, these fears and anxieties will subside soon enough. I think it'll be fine once I have my own apartment and access to the internet outside of the town square. I cannot exaggerate the importance of the internet for feeling connected with life at home and beyond this town. I am determined to stick it out this time! I love my school and I am excited to move into this huge apartment on the river. I also need to make plans, however tentative, for the future to remind myself that I have things to look forward to. And everyone should come visit my totally sweet, huge flat. Come onnnn... Or just move here with me. Your half will only be like $175 a month. You can totally afford that. You know you can.

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