Friday, September 25, 2009

The Night Before Kindergarten

Here goes with the storytime aspect.

I think that all the anxiety I should have felt for Korea, Illinois, the Catskills, and all the other big moves in my life has finally come out for this move. I've been reading curriculum books and trying to plan as much as I can. Somehow, even though I know so much more than I did before any of my other jobs, I feel like I'm less prepared. I keep staring at my suitcases and becoming completely overwhelmed. One of my books recommends reading The Night Before Kindergarten to children during the first week of school. I managed to find a copy yesterday at Southold's Library Cottage, along with a bunch of other great picture books, and it's actually had quite a soothing effect on me. So, I share it with you.

The Night Before Kindergarten from Colleen Heaney on Vimeo.


  1. I super love you. And I missed your blog. I wish you only the best of luck in everything you do, wherever you do it <3