Monday, December 6, 2010

I live here now!

As I've kind of explained, I finally moved from Kolín to Prague. However, I am still working in Kolín until the end of the month. Then I have to go through all the stress of getting a license to teach independently, then get a new visa, and all the paper work that goes with it. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm trying not to think too much about it and to instead focus on how wonderful this new chapter of my life will be--beginning with living in a wonderful new flat in a really easily accessible place in Prague. It couldn't be more different from my life in Kolín and that is so much of its appeal. Also, I have roommates who play the ukulele and leave things like chocolate cake on the table for the taking.

I've got another week of commuting and/or sleeping at school ahead of me. But this rainbow of paper lanterns which I spent most of the weekend making are giving me a sense of calm and hopefulness. I am ready to make this place a home.


  1. Many things! Notably, where in Praha are you now and do you have directions for how to make those lanterns!?

  2. I am now in Letna, near Strossmayerova Naměsti Also, the lanterns look way better in real life and come from here:

    Lastly, why haven't we spoken in forever? You need to inform me about Christmas/New Years plans!