Saturday, October 4, 2008

A break from the usual blog.

This is an incredibly important break from the usual blog posts. I feel like it is my duty, as someone who is already well into October Fourth to let you know today is the last day to register to vote in many states. Luckily, since I've warned you early, you can still take care of it. Don't know how? Simply go to and enter your own address to find out how to register there. If you are registered to vote but not at home (like being in Korea) go there to find out how to request your absentee ballot. It's easy. Don't care? Won't take my word for it. Fine, let the celebrities lecture you now.

If you have already registered and already requested your absentee ballot (or figured out where your polling station is if you are at home), leave me a comment and let me know so that I can get your address and send you a thank you card. No really. I'm serious. And they'll be exciting Korean thank you cards.

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