Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chapter Eight: The Beauty of Herb Hillz

As promised, more Herb Hillz pictures. These are all about how pretty this little place was.

This way to pumpkin town!

There was this big ropes course in the immensely tall trees. It seemed like a different route you could take around the place! I saw it everywhere. Imagine taking that kind of shortcut. It reminds me of Hook and my desire to live in a huge tree house.

Korean totem poles!

Little artificial waterfall (smelled gross).

This was the herb garden proper. Lots of beautiful herbs and bees pollinating the flowers. It made me want to be a beekeeper so much. However, the bees scared the kids a lot. They were pretty scary, not the cute little yellow American bees. BIG orange with strange little heads.

Kids freaking out about some bees.

This stuff smelled like pineapples. If you look closely, you can see a pretty little butterfly.

Another great Korean "WTF?" moment. Let's put in the garden of Eden. WITH A CREEPY BABY! I guess the baby is supposed to be an anthropomorphic representation of the snake, maybe. But mostly, it's a creepy Eden baby.

Floppy panda made of turf!

Strange little statue garden. Again, I think most of these were made out of turf.

Pretty Pretty Pretty

Two sides of the bridge, the tortoise and the hare! I really want to see more parts of Asia that look like this and fewer that look like downtown Daegu.

I absolutely loved these things. They were little floating clouds shaped like different objects (I guess ones that you daydream about).

Of course, daydreaming about getting married.

They were the perfect way to leave the park.

The mountains! They look so different than the Berkshires. The trees are taller and it doesn't look so smooth.

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